Food Review: A&W Family Restaurant

(located in Changi Airport Jewel)
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The queue for A&W is significantly shorter than Shake Shack for sure but the waiting time is still about 30 minutes on average. Once it's your turn to enter the premise, there will be a server to guide you to your seat. I'm not too sure if this is a permanent arrangement or it's done this way due to the queue. Once you are shown to your seats, you can go to the counter to order and collect the drinks and a food buzzer will be provided to notfiy you when food is ready. The seats are the general ones you get in any fast food restaurant and the surrounding still gives you the 90s A&W feel in Singapore.

Take special note that the drinks counter are just beside the ordering counter whereas the food collection point is behind the front counter.

Root Beer Float
Price: Bundled as set

The root beer float is served directly off the tap to ice cold mug. It's filled up halfway and ice cream is then added to the mug and afterwhich, the mug is again filled to the brim with root beer off the tap again.

Now the taste. To be honest it wasn't as good as what it taste in the past. Or it also could be that my palette has changed but other than the ice cold mug, the drink can be easily duplicated with off-the-shelf root beer and Magnolia ice cream.

Coney Dog Set with Curly Fries & Root Beer Float
Price: $8.90

Very disappointed with the coney dog. Again based on the past memory i had, the old times coney dog comes with plenty of beef or chicken sauce and onions. The flavour of the sauce is also very strong and the hotdog used is much better quality.

The current one uses standard sausage alike the one in Ikea. The ones in Ikea however was a lot hotter but it's at best lukewarm in this dog. The sauce is lacking in flavour even in the beef version and onions are lacking flavour as well. The bread is also hard and not soft. MOS burger's hotdog is better in comparison easily.

Golden Aroma (fried chicken) with Curly Fries & Root Beer Float
Price: $8.90

The fried chicken set is probably the saviour in this establishment. While the curly fries is of standard Mac Donald's standard which is a far cry from the past A&W standard, the fried chicken is at least juicy and hot. While not the best fried chicken i have but it's still nice overall.

The fried chicken is fried properly and taste savoury with a good crispy. It's also very juicy as well. This applies for chicken wing, chicken thigh and breast meat which is pretty rare. If there is one thing to try in A&W, the fried chicken is probably the one you want to bet on.

Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce
Price: $7.90

Very mediocre. Nothing special compared to the past. It lacks the buttery flavour and it didn't smell as good as the past. At least when they served it, it's hot and crispy still. The sauce is lacking as well and minimum. It will be good if they can improve on that.

In summary, it's good to have a go just as a checkbox to try but certainly, the current A&W doesn't live up to its name as in the past.

2.5V out of 5

78 Airport Blvd, #B2-209

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No other than Jewel carpark itself. However there is something interesting and very useful to us as drivers. There are distributed directory panels (touch based) around Jewel. If you go into the carpark options on bottom right, you will be presented with the screen above and you can key in the digits of your car plate and touch the human walking sign and it will guide you to your car. In additional, it shows you your car picture as well!


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