Food Review: BHC Fried Chicken

(located in Myeong-Dong area, behind the famous street food lane)


There are many BHC fried chicken branches around in Korea. Famed by a Korea actress and I always see the shop quite filled up means probably it serve pretty good fried chicken so it's a list to check off for sure.

So I visited the Myeong-Dong outlet. It's located just behind the famous street food lane (to be honest I don't find any good food there) along with a few glabi shops and 678 Fried Chicken. Today's weather is pretty good, nice and cooling so I chose an outdoor seat.

As per typical Korean Fried Chicken restaurant, there is typically some kim chi, in this case pickled radish with hint of sweetness or cabbage mayo served along side with the fried chicken. It's probably to help clear the gelatness feeling of the fried chicken. I am also given plastic gloves which is a nice gesture to eat the chicken with. Again any chicken stalls will again have a metal container to hold the bones.

Sprinkle Chicken
Price: $19,000 Korean Won (Approx SGD$21)

The fried chicken looks more dry than the original version to be honest. Laced with sprinkled cheese and probably chicken powder as well.

But nope! It's not dry at all. The meat is tender inside and the cheese and chicken powder gives a very nice balanced flavour of sweet and savoury. It obviously also have nice cheese flavour as well. The powder sticks pretty well on the chicken. Chicken is well fried with crispiness. Only complain is that the chicken within, though tender does not have much marinate flavour. By the way, you can order either bone-in or boneless version.

Half Half Chicken
Price: $18,000 Korean Won (Approx SGD$20)

The mix of both original and hot sauce fried chicken. The hot sauce was a little disappointing as it's not very spicy but I guess I didn't ordered the more spicy version. The hot sauce is a mix of slightly sweet, savoury and maybe a little gochuchang flavour. It's not the usual korean sauce you get in Singapore say 4Fingers but not that far off.

The original version has a very nice marinated flour and the batter is not thick which gives a very good balanced of crunchiness as well as softness from the meat. Again, the fried chicken is well fried with good and tender meat within and juicy as well. The only complain is there is not much marinate within the meat itself which I'm not sure if it's a standard way of preparation in Korea.

All in all, a shop to try for sure when you are here in Seoul. I suspect there are better ones but this would be a good start to try and move up the taste ladder after.

Trust me, there are lousy fried chicken in Korea that you don't want to waste your calories on.

3.5V out of 5


21 Myeongdong 7-gil, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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Euljiro 1 Station