Food Review: Cheok Kee (作记) Duck Rice

(located in Eastern Lagoon Food Village)

Braised Duck Rice
Price: starts from $3.50 per plate onwards. Full Duck at $40 (Pictured: $11 meal for 2, 1 bowl of rice)

Rice is cooked in dark soya sauce and some other ingredients that are added inside but I can't really decipher what really was added. The idea was really to mix the rice with braised sauce and the end result is a slightly salty taste with a unami flavour. More importantly, it makes the rice extra moist but yet not too wet as well.

Soup is cooked with duck and cabbage. Taste is with little sweet hint and soup is better than the usual "boiled water soup" which is either tasteless or full of MSG. The main difference here is that they spend a little more effort to process the soup and while it's not like any paid soup flavour or level, but at least the flavour is there and the cabbage flavour stands out quite significantly.

Duck meat wise, is not too tough as most duck will usually be. Duck meat are typically tougher than chicken and harder to manage in terms of tenderness but however, the duck here is cooked nicely to the correct tenderness. Most importantly, it does not have the gamey duck taste and it has a good braised spiced flavour as well. Again not too strong but just nice. When paired with the braised sauce, the result is a good salty flavour from the dark soya sauce, very slight sweetness and spices flavour infused into the mouth of meat. One other good thing is the owner takes effort to remove the bones so it makes it easier to eat without the bones.

Chilli is sambal with heibihiam and chicken rice chilli sauce but with stronger sourish taste. Sweet and sour and spicy with sambal at the same time makes the chilli pretty unique.

One of my favourite duck rice for many years and they have maintained standards throughout the years. If you are expecting the salty version of braised duck which is more hokkien style with watery braised sauce, this stall will not be the one for you. But otherwise, any foodie would likely rate this as a higher tier duck rice. Do give it a try when you are in the vicinity.

4.2V out of 5

1220 ECP, Singapore 468960
6445 4222

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Suggested Carpark
Eastern Lagoon Public Carpark. Ample carpark during day time which is 作记 operating hours anyway

Nearest MRT
Bedok MRT (Not within walking distance)

Nissan Fairlady 370Z