Food Review: Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa

(located in Alexandra Village Food Centre)

For those who frequent Depot Road Market in the late 90s till early 2000s will know this stall very well. I was doing National Service during that period and I visit CMPB very often that I have a chance to taste this laksa every now and then and it was one of the more memorable laksa I had during that time.

Now time have moved on so many years and they have shifted to Alexandra Village Food Centre (just 2 stalls beside the famous soya sauce chicken in AV food centre) and helmed by the next generation. So let's see if it's still as good as what I remembered in the past.

Traditional Claypot Laksa
Price: $4/5/6 (pictured $5)

The ingredients consist of the usual laksa stuff like thick vermicelli (you can also choose yellow noodles or thin vermicelli as well), fried beancurd, fishcake slices, cockles, 1 piece of prawn, beansprouts and some shreds of shredded chicken.

First of all, in the past, the laksa was served in claypot based on my memory and I remember it was always bubbling with hotness. The fragrance of the laksa is always very strong and alluring. What is contrasting from the past version now is that it's served in the standard plastic bowl which does not portrait the same visual and fragrance that you get in the past.

The taste of the laksa broth, fortunately remains pretty in place. Not as good in the past but I would easily say it's about 80% and above. The accompanying chilli is still good and punchy, the broth still exudes coconutty flavour with the spices flavour penetrating my taste buds. I think the laksa leaves could be added a little more to give more dimension to the dish.

The tau poh (or fried beancurd) is done well, absorbing the flavour of the laksa broth as it should for a good bowl of laksa. The rest of the ingredients eg prawns, cockles etc are fresh but abeit a little in quantity.

The queue for this stall is typically quite long during meal times. Usually the queue can get as long as 20 pax in queue which is a killer for people who want to have a taste of this.

Frankly I would not queue if there are 20 pax in front of me for the current standard but if they could get back the claypot of the past, I would gladly follow behind the queue which I suspect might be even longer than the current. For now, I would probably go back to my usual laksa stall (The Original Laksa Stall in Katong) for my laksa since the queue is relatively shorter.

3.5V out of 5


120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-75 Alexander Hawker Centre, Singapore 151120

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Suggested Carpark
Within Alexandra Village Carpark. To be honest, it's not the easiest car park to find parking lots during meal times but it's the only one that is near if not, you can try Queensway Shopping Centre or AnchorPoint and walk over.

Nearest MRT
Commonwealth MRT (Not within walking distance)

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