Food Review: Dover Road Kai Kee Wanton Noodles

(located along in Alexandra Village Food Market)

Wanton Noodles
Price: $3 for small plate, $3.50 for big plate

First thing when I was waiting for the wanton noodles was the soup. For the first time I have seen soya sauce (or at least it looks like soya sauce) being added to the soup bowl direct before adding the soup base. Anyway back to the taste of soup. The taste is somewhat with a pork infused type of soup with little soya sauce taste and laced with spring onion and little pepper. Not salty and the pork flavour is not that overempowering as well. Pretty ok for the flavour but not out of the world either.

The wanton noodles is of a generous portion. At $3, the portion of noodles is considered larger than usual and plenty of char siew and wantons are given. The noodles is slightly plain in flavour and oily in general. I never tried the chilli based one but from the normal plate, it's definitely an old school style traditional wanton noodles. It reminds me of Dunman Food Centre wanton noodles which I felt I prefer that than this. Not that this is not good but the flavour is stronger in Dunman's. The oil is made up of soya sauce and sesame oil which gives the saucey slurpy feeling. If you like slurpy noodles, this is for you. The noodles are well cooked to slightly more than al dente but at no means soggy. The noodles maintained a good texture. The char siew is old style dry as usual but when mixed with the sauce, it balances up. I never understand why the old school wanton noodles always have dry char siew until I realised that a good oily char siew might make the noodles too gelat especially a lot of old school wanton noodles are very saucey by default. So dry char siew probably makes sense here.

To the wanton now. My serving of wanton is not bad. Chestnut is present and returns a good crunch and there is good balance of pork flavour and amount of meat in the wanton. However my wife mentioned that her wantons are very doughy which i tried and realised that was the case. So minus some points for the inconsistent quality there.

In summary, I would probably not travel purposely down to Alexandra Village for this wanton noodles though the value may be good as in the generous serving. But if I'm around in the vicinity and hungry at the same time, it's a place I would visit.

3.2 out of 5


120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-09, Singapore 150120

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