Food Review: Eng Kee (荣记) Chicken Wings

(located near Two Chefs Zi Char)

Price: $1.50 each

One of the best chicken wing in my opinion. Always fried to a hot crisp and remain succulent inside. The chicken wing is marinated with soy sauce it seems but somehow, there is an extra taste to the chicken wings which i cannot describe. Nevertheless if you want good fried chicken wings, you should come and try this!

PS: The queue can get crazy over meal times so be prepared. Other time slots arw generally ok. Take note that Eng Kee sells other things like fried bee hoon but it's just normal.

4.2V out of 5

117 Commonwealth Dr, Singapore 141091

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Suggested Carpark
Carpark Q72 just besides Commonwealth Food Market. Take note that night time it can get busy and full. Standard HDB carpark rates.

Mercedes Benz A200