Food Review: Fei Fei Roasted Noodles

(located in Yuhua Village Market Food Centre)

For those who frequent Yuhua Village Food Centre will notice that there is a particular stall that always had a long queue in front of the stall. Yes it's the famous Fei Fei Roasted Noodles (not to mixed up with the Joo Chiat one). Today I went over early morning just to beat the queue at 9am but I'm not the first in the queue. There was already a couple of people in front of me. If you really want to try this, be prepared to queue for easily 30 minutes or longer.

Char Siew Duck Noodles (Dry)
Price: $5

The ingredients for the plate of roasted noodles is very standard. First, plain egg noodles with quite a generous portion of char siew. You can ask for chilli or plain but for chilli, you need to put it on your own as part of the condiments at the stall area. Other than that, it comes with standard green vegetables and pork lard. There is a bowl of soup given as well.

The noodles are well cooked, not exactly al dente but springy enough. The noodles comes with unami and oil flavour as you can see from the photos below. There is quite a good amount of sauce/oil. The flavour is good but not exceptional but definitely better than the usual sauce as it has that unique flavour from the roasted meats. Chilli wise, it's sambal chilli mixed with the soup that was given. Yes, you heard it right. I saw the stall owner topping the sambal sauce with the soup. I guess there is a reason probably. See below.

The bowl of soup is not the usual MSG type of soup, but more towards a little prawny, kind of the restaurant-alike prawn wanton soup you will expect except it's not that strong in prawn flavour. That is also probably the reason why it was used in the sambal sauce to add flavour.

The char siew is a piece of succulent and charred meat with a strong marinated cantonese char siew flavour. Comes with charred bits here and there which is important to add to the BBQ aroma and the overall flavour is very good with that little sweet taste. I can now see why people would queue for the noodles because the char siew standard is really quite up there. For those whom are watchful of your diet, the thing to note is that it comes with little fats all around which makes it extra good, but sinful at the same time. BUT, in my opinion, a good piece of char siew must come with fats to complete the package.

Overall very good plate of noodles but the char siew really stood out the most.

Roast Duck / Char Siew
$10 / per portion

The roast duck however, pales in comparison. Maybe because I had the char siew first and I'm a personal fan of the type of roasted duck that should have that crispy skin (if not at least thin skin with little layer of fat) and strong duck flavour. So when I tried the duck, it was rather uneventful. The duck is flavoured with a bit of char and the duck is pretty well done in terms of cookness. Not too dry which is not easy to achieve but again not exceptional. It's drizzled with duck oil upon serving which adds to the overall flavour.

All in all, the ultimate question is, would I queue up again for it. I think the answer is Yes BUT, if the queue really gets too long (more than 20 pax in queue), I will still skip. I will probably visit Roast 88 in Lavender area to get my fix for char siew which in my opinion, is better than Fei Fei.

I will find time to take some pictures soon and do a review.

4.0V out of 5

Blk 254 Jurong East Street 24, #01-28 Yuhua Village Market Food Centre, Singapore 600254

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