Food Review: Four Seasons Cendol (Marine Parade)

(located in Marine Parade Central Market)

Wanted to come to Marine Parade Central Market & Food Central to have Apollo's Cha Kway Tiao but it was closed so we had other stuff. When walking around, we noticed a queue in front of a chendol stall and prompted us to take a look.

Realised that it's the famous chendol from Toa Payoh. Have they opened a stall here as well? We did not have a chance to try the chendol so obviously this is something we must attempt.

Four Seasons Chendol comes with the standard ingredients with some extras that you wouldn't see. For example, the chendol comes with 2 atap seeds that usually comes with ice kachang in Singapore. This is not usually given in other stalls. The red beans (could be kidney beans as it's real big) are cooked with salt so it's salted in taste. It helps to balance the flavour of the dessert from time to time when you eat it. The ice is shaved properly but I would prefer it to be finer. The gula melaka is not really that good. While it's still thick (not as thick as other good chendol stalls), the flavour lacks the depth of a good gula melaka. It's not that bad. it probably is slightly above average. I couldn't really taste the coconut milk to be honest so if they could, they should use a better quality or even, fresh coconut milk to better the taste of the dessert. The price of the chendol is slightly higher than others at $2.20.

Chendol is a delactable dessert from Melaka when done well. Unfortunately it falls short when you compare to Melaka's chendol with this stall. However this is not that bad but I wouldn't travel purposely to have a bowl though.

3V out of 5

Total Price
$2.20 per bowl

84 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 440084
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Suggested Carpark
(Parking ample even during weekends usually. The cost is not too high and parking lot is decent enough for a hatchback.)

Nearest MRT
Marine Parade MRT (Building in Progress)

Mercedes Benz A200