Food Review: Global Mat Soul Kitchen Biryani

(located somewhere in MSCP @ East Singapore. Location will be revealed by owner if you get a slot to purchase)

Traditional Mutton Biryani
Price: $11


The ingredients include mutton in bone and a generous portion, basamiti rice, biryani spices and pineapple achar. In the rice are fried shallots and coriander cooked down. One usual suspect in biryani includes star anis which happens to be visible.


The pineapple achar is sweet and spicy, unlike usual sour and spicy with additional hint of sweetness. It's unique, different and delectable. It's a pity that the quantity is pretty small else it would be perfect.

The biryani is made in malay style.

If you have been to malay weddings before in Singapore, you will surely remember this dum biryani flavour and in fact this biryani that Zahid makes has a strong flavour than usual ones.

On top of the usual malay wedding biryani flavour, there is another spice flavour which i cannot pin point exactly what it is. It's something i had before but i just cannot recall at the moment. The biryani is saltier in general but in a nice way. If you are the type whom cannot take salty food a little bit more, you may want to skip this.

The mutton is cooked till perfection with the meat texture that's absolutely soft and tender, till the extent that you can literally take it off the bone using just your spoon. It's marinated well and cooked perfectly to the point that flavours from the spices has gone into every inch of the meat.

And best of all, no animal taste of mutton detected!  

The rice is equally good. Although it's pale in colour, rest assured that the rice is well balanced with flavour once you mixed it with the meat and some of the sauce that it came with.

All in all, it's really a good plate of biryani and Zahid (the owner) is a friendly guy. Kept asking me to manage my expectations but for sure, this has exceeded my expectations and i will be returning soon to try out other flavours... Provided i get a slot to buy again.

To join in this fun biryani process, please follow the instagram account below and patiently wait for the approval. Trust me, the approval is not immediate. Needs patience and after that, it's watching out for Zahid's insta story for the slot.

Good Luck!

4V out of 5


Mystery location in East Singapore. Revealed only when you get a slot


Carpark is a multi-storey carpark. Carpark is relatively spacious and there is also an open space car park around the MSCP

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