Drinks Review: Guylian Chocolate & Coffee

Available from most 7-Eleven stores. Apparently there are some stores that are not available yet at the time of this post.

Guylian Chocolate
Price: $2.40

Drink is "gao" or thick in chocolate and lesser in milk taste. It has the strong chocolatey taste and it's not very smooth. The drink seems to have some powdery feel but other than that, it's not that sweet and the thick chocolate taste will keep you happy. Price wise vs the carton, its a little on the high side but i would suggest to give it a shot and try. I probably wouldn't get it often unless i have a craving for thick chocolate milk.

Guylian Coffee
Price: $2.40

As compared to its chocolate variant, the coffee taste very different from the chocolate one. Really very different till the point i cannot really relate the chocolate taste to the chocolate variant. The taste is not too strong in coffee and not that chocolatey as well. I would not recommend to any coffee lovers but as a fun drink, it's probably ok.

2.5V out of 5 (for coffee)
3V out of 5 (for chocolate)