Food Review: Hammee's Burgers

(located near Two Chefs Zi Char, level 2 of food market)

Classic Burger / Premium Burger / Premium Burger with bacon
Price: $6 / $8 / $10

First off, kudos to the owners for keeping the burgers at this price point for good tasting burgers.

The burgers (both classic & premium) taste very good. It's not the kind of fanciful burger whereby you get alot of sauces and condiments. The burgers at Hammee's features back-to-basic type where the focus is toasted fluffy buns, juicy and cheese-infused beef patties.

As mentioned above, the burger comes with a beef patty (premium comes with 120g patty), melted cheddar, sauteed onions and toasted buns. The premium burger comes with extra lettuce to differentiate the burger.

The burger bun is one of the better ones being lightly buttered, toasted with cripsy edges and very fluffy. The beef patty is just lightly salted and peppered and cooked to a nice juicy texture with original beef flavour. I couldn't really taste much of the onions but it somehow adds flavour to the whole combo. The cheese melted nicely although i do hope that the cheese use can be of a higher quality but at this price, cannot complain much.

The sides, fries are done pretty well. Lightly salted and fried to a crisp.

All in all good burger and i would recommend anyone to come and try.

4V out of 5

31 Commonwealth Dr, #02-93, Singapore 141091

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Suggested Carpark
Carpark Q72 just besides Commonwealth Food Market. Take note that night time it can get busy and full. Standard HDB carpark rates.

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