Food Review: Hong Heng Beef Noodles

(located in one of Ang Mo Kio Heartlands)


Standard ambience you get from food market so i will not touch too much on that. Onto the queuing, the time when we visit (about 1030am), there wasn't any queue, about 2 person were in front of us so the wait time is short. However after we are seated, the queue lengthened to about 10 person! The serving time is generally quite speedy so for the queue to gather so quickly must really reflect the amount of people visiting must be quite a bit as well.

Hong Heng Beef Noodles (Mixed)
Price: Starts from $4.50. Pictured is $5

Onto the bowl of beef noodles. The bowl of beef noodles comes with noodles obviously (white thick vermicelli) with beef sauce and beef slices or mixed beef inclusive of the innards etc. You can choose pure beef slices or tendons as well. Other condiments includes the usual salted veg, coriander and lime. The bowl of dry noodles also comes with a small bowl of beef soup.

Now the taste. One mouth into the noodles and beef immediately tells me it's one of the tops like Zhengyi Beef Noodles. The smoothness of noodles and tenderness of beef, good beef and spiced sauce and slight hint of salted veg and limey fagrance gives a powerful punchy flavour and yet blissful feeling. The ingredients obviously is fresh and doesn't have any weird smell. Coupled with a mouth of the accompanied beef soup, it's simply a visit back to the olden days.

The soup, though it's good and much better than other stalls (if you prefer the beefy flavour rather than spiced flavour) is not as good as Toa Payoh stall in my opinion. The beef soup (reviewed below) taste slightly better than this bowl.

The chilli is the Chichalok (fermented prawn) mixed with chilli. The result is a sour and spicy concoction which some may or may not like. I'm alright with this but I still prefer the normal chilli-lime ones.

Hong Heng Beef Sliced Soup
Price: Starts from $4.50. Pictured is $5

Personally I prefer the soup from Toa Payoh as it's marginally more beefy than this. But if you are talking about the top 3 for beefy soup (instead of beef + spice flavour), Hong Heng is the definite place to go to. The soup again is based purely on beef flavour. If yiu look at the previous photos in this post, you might realise that there is a pot of soup with all the beef goodies cooked in that pot, hence resulting in a bowl of good flavoured soup. The ingredients, aka beef slides are cooked to medium rare tenderness and is very enjoyable. If you like your meat to be well-done, you can tell the auntie of your preference.

Hong Heng is a rare find in Singapore for beef noodles. Again strongly recommended to visit and try them out. Try the dry version and order a bowl of beef soup to get the maximum flavour from this stall!

4.2V out of 5

226H Ang Mo Kio Street 22, #01-16, Singapore 568226

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Any carparks in the vicinity except for the one besides the food market because it's really small.

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All MRTs are not of walkable distance to this food market.

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