Food Review: Hong Kee (鸿记) Porridge

(located near Two Chefs Zi Char, level 2 of food market)

Cantonese Pork Porridge
Price: $4

It's always not easy to get a good bowl of porridge in Singapore today especially Cantonese Pork Porridge. To make a good cantonese pork porridge in my opinion, the porridge must be cooked in pork broth simmered with pork bones to bring out the flavour of the rice and balance the taste of the whole dish.

Having said, it's also important for the porridge to be silky and sticky at the same time. Exactly to this point, the porridge at Hong Kee cooks the dish to the level of silkiness that should be in a good bowl of porridge while at the same time, it's equally good in flavour.

The meatballs in the dish is slightly seasoned and have a slight bouncy texture. Other than meatballs, there are also pig liver, pork slices. The meats are generally well cooked and gives a good touch to the dish. Meats are also quite generous but $4 is a little steep for a hawker stall.

There is one thing that i would prefer is that the porridge should be of a thicker consistency but again, this may vary from person to person.

Overall it's a good bowl of porridge that you should come and try, but take note during weekdays, they are usually closed around 2pm so make your trip early.

4V out of 5

31 Commonwealth Dr, Singapore 141091 Level 2

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Suggested Carpark
Carpark Q72 just besides Commonwealth Food Market. Take note that night time it can get busy and full. Standard HDB carpark rates.

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