Food Review: Imam Banana Leaf Restaurant (Mutton Biryani)

(located at corner of Jalan Ayer)

Mutton Biryani
Price: $6.50 (add $5 for extra mutton)

We were wondering what to eat for lunch today and decided that maybe we should walk to Kallang area and try the self-proclaimed "Best mee rebus in Singapore" P & Z Eating House. Surprising enough, the shop has closed down permanently and no longer in operations. A further check seems that they might have reopened in Changi Village. So maybe will try it next time.

So we proceed to the nearby Imam Restaurant to try their biryani.

First off, the ingredients. The usual stuff that you can expect from a biryani. Biryani rice, papadam, achar and 1 piece of mutton in bone.

The flavour next. The mutton was not great. I had ordered 1 extra mutton piece but I sort of regretted the decision after the first bite. The mutton was not exactly flavourful but good thing was that there wasn't any gamey taste. Other than that, there wasn't much marinate flavour as well. In addition, the meat was pretty tough and hard to bite. Not my favourite for sure.

The achar is pretty run-the-mill achar. Nothing great but decent.

Now to the rice. The rice was flavourful in general but lacking a little on rice flavour. The biryani rice was flavourful purely on the seasoning used and cooked to pretty soft texture. People who like flavoured biryani will like this rice for sure.

However, for people who prefer dum biryani rice will probably be expecting star anis flavour, rice flavour etc, cannot find that unique smell in this rice though. Again in Dum Biryani, you would expect a mix of different colored rice as compared to the rice here which is a tell-tale sign that it's a different style.

Curry sauce accompanying the dish is decent and pretty good in curry punch and makes the rice even more soft with wetness and yet that texture of seasoning like coconut flakes etc can still be felt in the biryani.

In summary, I would be here for the rice again but maybe not so for the mutton. I can't really placed it in the "Not Bad" food category as the mutton was pretty bad but the rice is good enough for a revisit so it's going halfway there in the verdict.

3.3V out of 5

12 Lor 1 Geylang, Singapore 389120

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Suggested Carpark
Public carpark opposite the stall beside the bus interchange

Nearest MRT
Kallang MRT

Did a walk from Aperia Mall to burn off the calories
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