Food Review: Kajiken Mazesoba (Paya Lebar outlet)

(located on level 1, Paya Lebar Square)


Standard Japanese style shop. Does not feel that authentic but still alright. The shop is mainly tended and served by young Singaporeans.

Shop is decently sized but not too big. A total of 6 x 4 seaters and 3 x 2 seaters with 5 bar counter seats.

Servers are very friendly and accommodating. Menu is pretty extensive but it would be good to have some side dishes instead of having addons.

Original Mazesoba (fully loaded)
Price: $15.80

The fully loaded bowl comes with the standard bowl of noodles, vegetables, bamboo shoots and seaweed, topped with an onsen egg plus an additional slice of chashu and one chicken karrage.

The noodles used here is different from Kokoro mazesoba being a little more yellowish. Texture wise it's the same. Slightly al-dente but not soggy for sure. The taste of the noodles when mixed with the condiments results in a bowl of unaminess but it's still lacks slightly in punch. Unlike Kokoro, the noodles do not have any spiciness in it at all so it's good for kids. To bring up the taste to Mazesoba flavour, all you need to do is to add in vinegar and chilli oil if you want spiciness (it's not that spicy really). The bowl will transform into another dimension of flavour altogether. Having said, the set also comes with free Hojicha and free flow of hardboiled eggs. I'm not too sure if this applies to both Paya Lebar and Tanjong Pagar outlets but it's applicable for here for sure.

For the chicken karrage, not sure if it's because it was placed into the noodles, it wasn't as cripsy as I expected but flavour is good. It's very well marinated and juicy.

For the chashu, it's not the usual Japanese chashu. The chashu is not tough but it's a little dry. Comes with a little fats at the side and it's pretty flavourful. I was thinking for a long while on the taste because it's so familiar. In the end I finally figured it out!

It tasted exactly like the canned braised pork!

Each bowl of ramen comes with paitan. The paitan is nice with a gingery taste. Was trying to figure if it's chicken or pork based so don't expect it to be that strong. By the way it should be pork based.

Taiwanese Mazesoba (fully loaded)
Price: $15.80

The Taiwanese Mazesoba is pretty much the same as the original except it has 1 extra condiment: Taiwanese minced pork. A tad spicy and comes with a five spice powder flavour. Not too overempowering but it's not that salty either which is good overall. It doesn't change the entire character of the dish but it adds that additional flavour.

At the end of the meal (provided you have added the vinegar previously, you wouldn't have this much of sauce left), you can get a spoon of rice from the owner to mix with this sauce and enjoy the remaining flavour.

In summary, i felt that this shop has less gelatness compared to KoKoro in Suntec but KoKoro has a good spread of sides. Either way if you want to have a good bowl of Mazesoba, you can't go wrong with either shop.

3.8V out of 5

60 Paya Lebar Road, #01-86, PAYA LEBAR SQUARE, Singapore 409051

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