Food Review: Keisuke Hamburg

(located along Peck Seah St)


First of all, it's not easy to get into this shop if you are on time for their opening or visit during their opening hours. Be prepared to queue as the queue only gets longer especially during weekends. Other than that, once you are inside the restaurant, you will be greeted with the Keisuke service crew and the restaurant is not exactly very big. It's able to accomodate 2 to 8 pax in a single group and the place holds probably about 40 to 50 pax max.

After you are guided to your seats, you will be given salad bowls and the menu.


The menu consists of mainly hamburgs set meals (obviously) and a kids meal. To be honest, the sets are typically quite huge plus you will be given a few flow salad bar to choose from so it's not advisable to order too many to go with unless you are a big eater. Unlike other Keisuke's outlets like the ramens, they do not provide free ramen for kids but you can go for the kids meal which i feel is of pretty good value so that your kids can enjoy with you.

Salad Bar

The salad bar has a wide selection of items ranging from the usual salad greens suspects and respective sauces including special in-house sauces like Keisuke Original Soy based sauce, Keisuke Miso Ginger sauce etc. There are 2 special items here that I would like to bring to your attention. One is the fried egg with teriyaki sauce and the other is the coffee jelly. I will cover more of this later in this article.

Tomato Sukiyaki Hamburg Set
Price: $19. 80

Served hot in a claypot, this hamburg comes with a soupy Sukiyaki Tomato sauce full of veggies like cabbage, tomatoes, mushrooms and dried beancurd inside. The soup (or sauce) is tomatoey but it comes with a hint of spiciness as well. Those whom are not able to take spiciness even a little will have to avoid this dish. Personally, I think it's very tolerable. When the dish is being served, the server will put in an onsen egg into the claypot, making the dish even more flavourful and thickens a little more.

The flavour of the soup packs a good punch of tomato flavour with a sweet Sukiyaki flavour. In general, I felt that the flavour of the soup seems to be the highlight rather than the hamburg itself. The hamburg is also well-cooked but not losing the tenderness of the meat but like what i mentioned earlier, the soup seems like the main star of this dish instead. The set comes with a bowl of Japanese white rice (Hokkaido grown white rice) and a bowl of miso soup. Needless to say, it's a standard bowl of miso soup.

Highly recommended for those who may not be able to take gelatness of hamburgs. This goes very well with white rice.

Triple Cheese Hamburg Set
Price: $21.80

A must if you like cheese inside of anything! This set comes with the standard white Japanese rice and miso soup but the highlight really is the hamburg with triple cheese embedded inside the hamburg steak itself.

The hamburg steak is served on a hot plate with the sauce in a separate mini-sauce pan. There are 4 sauces you can choose from, original Keisuke sauce (soy based), Teriyaki Mayo, Demi-glace and Ponzu based sauce. We went with Demi-glace, Teriyaki-mayo and Original sauce for our sets.

The hamburg is pan fried on hot pan at the front kitchen and glazed nicely with a little char nicely done on both side of the hamburg. The hamburg still maintain its juiciness when served and you can then pour your sauce on top of it. The base of plate are laid with beansprouts which gives a good crunch and absorbs the flavour of the sauce. I will cover a little more on the sides later on. The sides include a tempura prawn, roasted dried beancurd and normal beancurd.

The cheese actually oozed out nicely when you cut it open and the cheese itself is of good flavour. If you have visited Keisuke Omurice before, the triple-cheese sauce that you can get at $3 extra is the same that is inside this hamburg. Very fulfilling set and easily get you full together with the salad bar.

Hamburg Set
Price: $19.80

What you get from the triple cheese set is exactly what you will get for the hamburg set less the embedded cheese in the steak. What i want to cover here is a special mention of the Teriyaki Mayo sauce. Initially when i ordered the sauce (i have tasted the demi-glace sauce before), i was expecting the sauce to be incorporated with both teriyaki and mayonaise together. But as you can see from the picture, it's actually just a separate mayo bottle for you to add. Well, a little disappointing but the teriyaki is still decent. Back to the Demi-glace sauce, don't expect out of the world demiglace sauce here as it's pretty standard ones like those you can get from Mediya in canned form but the other condiments and the set items made up for it.

Rice mixed with Teriyaki Fried Egg

Not sure if you guys are the bunch that loves to have a fried egg over hot white rice? I love my rice with runny eggs! This is like a godsend when i saw Keisuke provides this as a salad bar item and best of all, it also comes with Teriyaki sauce with some nori flakes! I strongly recommend that you eat this combo when you visit them. Will not regret for sure!

Sides in each set

As most will only focus on the mains, i also like to focus on the small bits like the sides. Although it's not phenomenal but i think the key here is that they took effort to put in the extra sides like the roasted dried beancurd and beancurd. Frankly i think it brings a good touch especially when you dip the dried beancurd to the sauce.

The tempura is definitely a good call to bring extra value to the set. Although it's not your usual prawn tempura fried in flour that makes your tempera light, this breaded tempura is pretty well executed and comes with a thousand island alike sauce. The prawn is fresh and feels very crispy.

Dessert (Special Mention)

Seriously for something that is part of a buffet package, this dessert is real good value. First of all, the jelly has a pretty good coffee flavour abeit it's a little bitter. But when you drizzle it with the sweet cream milk, that's where you get the good addictive flavour especially if you love Japanese sweet cream like those that come along with MOS Burger's iced tea. By looking at the pictures already made me drool.

3.8V out of 5

72 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079329

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Adjacent to Peck Seah St, there are some carparks, but it may get real busy. Alternative carpark will be Icon Village or 100am mall with ample carpark lots.

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