Food Review: Konjiki Hototogisu (100AM Mall)

(located in 100AM Mall, opposite MOS Burger)


The ambience is like the usual bigger and more established Japanese Ramen restaurant layout. Comparatively it's like Afuri Ramen. Environment is clean and pleasant and server are friendly and nice.

There isn't much condiments except standard Japanese chilli powder and pepper.

Sawara Oyster Ramen
Price: $15.90

First thing to mention is that there isn't any oyster chawamushi which is rather disappointing for me. I'm a fan of their unique chawamushi in Great World City Branch.

The ingredients found in the Sawara Oyster Ramen include red bell peppers, onions, noodles, 2 pieces of chashu, oyster paste and butter garlic oil.

The chashu is tender and soft but the flavour is just pork taste. The red bell peppers gave the mouth of ramen a slight sweetness while the onions gave a good crunch and provides the balance of taste to the briny oyster flavour.

The soup is generally alright with oyster flavour. It's not the full oyster flavour as per Great World City branch but it's good for people who prefer to have lesser oyster taste.

The soup should be based on fish (they called it Sawara which is a kind of mackeral) instead of the chicken stock in Great World City branch. I couldn't really taste the fish flavour but nevertheless it's pretty flavourful though I still prefer it strong. The soup in Great World City branch has additional oyster oil that probably makes it stronger in flavour.

The noodles looks buckwheat but it doesn't have the buckwheat taste though.

So should you give them a visit?

In my opinion, yes if you are adventurous. It's a different twist to standard ramen. Worthy for those whom don't like oyster can try this to start off.

If you belong to hardcore oyster lover, you should go to the Great World City branch to try the Oyster Paitan Ramen.

3.5V out of 5

100 Tras St, Singapore 079027 level 1

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100AM Mall Car Park

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Tanjong Pagar MRT

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