Food Review: Konjiki Hototogisu (Paragon Shopping Centre)

(located in Paragon Shopping Centre, opposite Ding Tai Feng)


The ambience was very much like the branch at 100AM mall but much smaller due to the location. It took over the Katsu Beef place (Ginza Kushi Katsu) previously. It's able to accommodate around 14 x 4-seaters thereabout.

There wasn't much condiments except standard Japanese chilli powder and pepper, so don't expect too much like other ramen shops.

Crab Soup Ramen
Price: $15.90

The ingredients found in the Crab Soup Ramen include crab tomoto paste, onions, noodles, lemon and butter garlic oil.

The soup was generally alright with crab flavour. It was supposedly to be chicken based broth which I couldn't taste much of it. Instead what I tasted was a slight hint of crab with a slight mix of tomato puree flavour. Smell wise, it had a good crab smell for sure and you can smell it evidently.

The soup didn't stand out too much in terms of crab flavour but it's still pretty balanced. Flavour wise it's not that bad and certainly still a notch above the usual mediocre ramen around but the price for that bowl, I am pretty sure not a lot of people can come to terms with it with other ramen options around especially Keisuke Kani is not too far away.

The noodles however looked like the buckwheat noodles in other outlets which was common since it usually from the same central kitchen but as previous review for 100AM mall, it didn't have the buckwheat taste.

Price: $4.90 with Ramen

The chawamushi tasted pretty standard. The taste was geared towards a little salty but still good in terms of flavour. Not out of the world but just a good cup of chawamushi. The chawamushi came with pork bits that were good flavoured but strong in pork taste and the egg was soft and smooth. I still prefer the special oyster chawamushi at Great World City though due to the uniqueness of it.

Fried Tofu with Bonito Flakes
Price: $4.90 (2 pcs) / $6.90 (2 pcs)

Had this fried tofu at the Great World City outlet. Although the Great World City had better crispiness, the tofu here wasn't that bad.

Good fried tofu with Bonito flake, seaweed and pretty good bonito dashi. Texture in the tofu inside was soft, crispy batter with bonito outside exudes a good mix of bonito flavour and soya sauce. A very enjoyable dish.

So again, should you give them a visit?

In my opinion, unless you like mildly flavoured crab ramen, this place is a nice place to go. But without much ingredients provided in the bowl at $15.90 and flavour is not exceptional, it's hard to find a reason to go back to, at least for me since i prefer stronger crab flavour ramen like Keisuke Kani King.

3V out of 5

290 Orchard Rd, #B1-47 Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859

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