Food Review: Koung's Wanton Noodles

(located opp 美珍香 BBQ pork)

Koung's wanton mee belongs to the type of old school wanton mee. Very similar to Old Airport Food Market wanton mee with a old school slight peppery soup with wanton.


The ambience is standard coffeeshop. The place is pretty well-kept and Koung's have 2 stalls in the coffee shop.

Wanton Noodles with little chilli
Price: $6 (standard bowl with extra ingredients eg more wantan and slightly more char siew)

Noodles al dente style. Chilli is not bad. The version we ate do not have much other flavour other than the chilli taste plus a strong wanton noodles flavour.

The wanton skin thickness is average, abeit a little thinner and the meat inside is firm but flavour isnt a lot other than the usual pork taste. The meat is cooked on average till 80% cooked that keeps it succulent and not tough.

The soup like previously mentioned is slightly peppery and taste similar to above average wanton mee stall. Dont expect out of the world soup here.

One special note here is the char siew is roasted in house so the taste is not the standard you will get elsewhere. Still it's not the best char siew you should expect but it's decent for wanton me.

The ordering goes by queue system where you order and take a tag and collect your noodles when your number is up.

I waited for about 15mins before i got my food which is pretty ok but i came here early morning so there wasnt a crowd. Be prepared to wait when there is meal crowds as what others had reflected.

The auntie serving me is friendly unlike what others reported but this could vary from person to person.

Space wise in the coffeeshop is limited so be prepared to wait during meal crowds.

3.5V out of 5

205 Sims Ave, Singapore 387506

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Suggested Carpark
Geylang Lorong 21 instead of 21A which is directly in front of stall. There is a better chance but not easy as well.

Nissan Fairlady 370z
Parking is average as per usual Geylang's parallel parking.