Food Review: Li Yuan Mee Pok

(located off West Coast Highway. Nearest Landmark would be West Coast Mall and West Coast Mac Donalds)

Located at a rather obscure location, you would find it difficult to locate this place unless you are staying around here, familiar with thi area or taking Grab or car. There is no MRT around this vicinity as well.

First off, it's a typical heartland coffeeshop where the stall is located. The ambience is of that standard. Queue wise at 11am in the morning is about 1 or 2 person and waiting time to order is about 5 minutes. Stall owner is friendly and clear on ordering procedure.

Standard Mee Pok
Price: $4 / $5

The mee pok here exludes a very strong vinegar smell when served and when I saw the owner added the mushrooms, I was like "wow, that's real generous!"

The bowl consist of minced meat, pork meat balls, pork slices, abalone mushroom slices, plenty of pork lard and needless to say, lots of mushroom!

First bite, yes the noodles are indeed vinegary, a bit too much in my opinion. If you are the type of person whom like your lor mee drizzled with a lot of vinegar, you should also like this. I think the vinegar overpowers the whole dish especially the mushroom.

Not a bad bowl of mee pok to be honest but it's rather standard. The ingredients however, are very generous hence pushing up the value of the bowl. They have a special bowl with prawns but I didn't try that though. The ingredients in the bowl are fresh but other than that, don't expect out of the world taste that the reviews are raving about and you should be ok. Noodles are cooked slightly to the softer side but not to the point of mushy and the whole bowl still taste decent and better than food court standard.

Looking at the picture of the sauce should give you an idea of how the sauce is.

Soup is not your usual pork soup. Can't really describe it but it's like they may have added sugarcane or prawn to the soup. Not exceptionally porky but not that light as well.

Japanese Fusion Miso Mee Pok
Price: $6 / $7 (Pictured at $6)

The Japanese Fusion Miso Mee Pok is a spin off the usual mee pok. It's laced with miso bean paste and laden with the mee pok ingredients as per standard mee pok less the mushroom. In replacement, it comes with 2 slices of Japanese Chashu instead.

Off to the first bite again, the noodles is more towards the softer side as well. The sauce that came along gives a slight miso aroma but that strong. It's good for those who prefer a light flavoured type of noodles. The rest of the ingredients are cooked similarly like the regular mee pok. Personally i would prefer a stronger flavour but it's more of a personal choice.

For the chashu wise, it's a plain piece of rollup pork belly made to look like Japanese style chashu. Flavour is just plain pork with maybe a little bit of salt and that's about it. Definitely not the chashu that you get from ramen shops that's usually marinated with Japanese mirin, soya sauce and spring onions and ginger etc. Again for a bowl that's $6, can't expect it to be of the same standard.

In summary, the residents around the area are blessed to have non-standard mee pok in their neighbourhood but I do not think that it's worth a special trip to try unless you are in the vicinity.

3.2V out of 5

710 Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120710

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Suggested Carpark
Carpark besides Blk 710. It's non-sheltered but plenty of lots.

Nearest MRT
No MRT within walking distance.

Mercedes Benz A200