Food Review: Meat 4 Meat

(located opposite of Mel's bar and Esso station along Katong Road)

The usual kopithiam experience that you will get. Parking is extremely difficult to find if you have been to Katong often.

Chargrilled Chicken Wings
Price: $10 (5 pcs)

Smoky chargrilled taste (abeit "chao ta") but not well or even marinated. Just pure chicken wing grilled and sprinkled with salt on the skin. Skin is cripsy for 2 of the wings but the rest are normal. Not my cup of tea as i would like my wings to have some flavour in the meat.

Pesto Chicken Chop
Price: $8

Succulent chicken chop with cripsy skin. I think the chicken here is done the same way as this chicken has got the same chargrill taste as well. The sauce, however is so so. Was expecting it to have a punch but it was really average in taste.
Sides are cold and yes thats the baked potato. Its grilled and dry. Salad is just normal greens, with a few cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil.

Sauteed Mushrooms
Price: $12

Dry, not much flavour except for some minute herb and mushroom taste. Again if it's supposedly to be grilled, some herb butter and garlic placed within an aluminum foil would give it a better taste. All in all, not great and pretty hefty in price.

Beef Wellington with Foe Grais
Price: $29

First off, presentation is good for a kopithiam stall. Beef is ok seasoned. Baked pastry is cripsy on top but soggy on bottom but it has a good buttery flavour as what a good pastry dough should have. Foe grais don't seems to be of good quality and is dry
Beef is done to medium well-done as seen in the pictures. While it's not easy to do this dish, the price can be lower to attract more customers. Sides are the same as chicken chop.

Total Price
$67 (no GST or svc charge)

2.8V out of 5 (can't say it's that bad but pricing is high. Still can come for chicken chop but nothing great)

228 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428925

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Suggested Carpark
Not easy to find anywhere. There are a few lots along Jago Close but it's always occupied during meal times

Nearest MRT
Marine Parade (still in progress as per time of post)

Mercedes Benz A200