Food Review: Menya Sakura

(located along level 1 in Orchid Hotel)


First of all, the shop is pretty small considered that the shop can probably hold max 10 pax or so inside and probably another 10 pax outside. It's really like the typical Japanese shop when you visit Japan. Good thing is, the usual Japanese hospitality was there when we visit and there are free water and the tissues and condiments like ramen pepper.

The menu consist of standard Tonkutsu Ramen, Abura Soba (Dry Ramen) as well as their signature Tsukemen.

We have not really eaten a lot of Tsukemen till date other than the Keisuke line eg Chicken King, Kani, Kamo Dipping Noodles so this will be our first try beyond Keisuke.

Aburi Cha Shu
Price: $6

The Cha shu is laced with a slightly sweet and sour sauce and comes with japanese power chilli. Taste wise, it's rather light with fattiness from the belly fats (contradicting but yeah it's not that gelat). Wish the sauce could have a little more flavour and the meat to be more charred.

Price: $5 (5 pieces)

Standard Gyoza, garlicky and leeky at the same time. Could do with more meat, but it's well-cooked to a crisp with soft skin.

Tsukemen (Dipping Noodles)
Price: $12.90 original / $13.90 spicy without addons

Highlight of the day is obviously the Tsukemen. We ordered both original and spicy version.
The broth or the dipping sauce as you seen is bonito flavoured (not too strong) but pretty strong and savoury in taste. Spicy version comes with chilli flakes that adds a spicy punch but it's not too spicy. The sauce is not too thick either, but to me i think it makes it light and easy to eat. Very nice in unami taste and somehow, the sauce seems to have sardine bits inside (not in a bad way).

Noodles are nicely done with slightly more cooked than al dente. The bamboo shoot is not too pungent with the usual taste which is good for me.

Egg is less flavourful but pretty ok for doneness. Not out of the world though obviously but as a full package, i think it's alright.

After we are done with the noodles, we asked for additional soup to lighten the dipping sauce to a soup. The dipping sauce alone is rather salty.

The soup comes in 2 flavours, clear and Yuzu.

The clear soup is dashi based on bonito and again it's not too fishy for me. If you like bonito big time, you may find the flavour falling short but for people who is not too into heavy bonito flavour, the soup amd dipping sauce is good. Yuzu is really Yuzu with that strong sour flavour. I really think it should be mixed a little more with dashi but again, depending on your taste butt, this can be a double edge sword.

Overall, I will rate this over Keisuke Chicken King Dipping Noodles but not over Kamo Dipping Noodles due to the unique flavour from Keisuke Kamo.

3.8V out of 5

1 Tras Link Road, #01-07, Orchid Hotel

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Suggested Carpark
Along Tras Street but it may get real busy. Alternative carpark will be Icon Village or 100am mall with ample carpark lots.

Nearest MRT
Tanjong Pagar MRT

Mercedes Benz A200