Food Review: Mr & Mrs Mohgan Prata

(located near Dunman Food Centre)

Mr & Mrs Mohgan Prata
Price: $1 for plain, $2 for egg onion

Had been hearing about this prata place for the longest time amongst the other famous places like Springleaf Prata etc. So decided to try it finally since I'm travelling to the same coffee shop for wanton noodles.

First off, we had ordered the plain version or what we called it roti prata kosong in Singapore and the egg onion prata.

The plain version is very cripsy. It's not the kind of crispy and doughy prata that we typically get in other good stalls. The prata here had the pratas done to be crispy throughout instead of having a little doughy texture inside. The inside of the prata is also fluffy as any good prata should be and the whole prata had a very strong ghee oily fragrance which is typically lacking in pratas elsewhere. However, there are people whom may not like this kind of oiliness so you need to try once to see if you like the smell. It's a go for me for sure.

For the egg onion version, it's still good with the crispiness. Particularly, I would usually look for eggy flavour with heaps of soft onions as my baseline for good egg onion pratas. Mohgan's version, however does not fit into my criteria.

The flavour of eggs and amount of onions were lacking in my opinion but the onions were done right. Just that it lacked the punch on the egg onion taste that I was expecting.

Nothing right or wrong here but just that I preferred to have my egg onion prata done that way. For people who loves crispy egg onion pratas without much emphasising too much on the inners, Mohgan will not disappoint.

Curry sauce is the key 'spirit' to the overall completeness of prata experience. I saw a lot of people going for Dhaal curry but I decided to try their fish curry instead.

I think I probably made a wrong choice as the fish curry was seriously lacking in flavour. The curry itself was spicy but it's void of sourness and fish fragrance coupled with curry powder punch that it should have. Maybe next time I should give the dhaal curry a try instead.

All in all, good prata with probably a wrong choice of curry. The ordering is effortless and Mrs Mohgan is very jovial and helpful in the ordering. Remember to take your queue number and collect your food when it's your turn.

3.5V out of 5


300 Joo Chiat Road(beside, Dunman Food Centre, Singapore 427551

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Suggest to park at Onan Road and walk a little. It's easier to find road side parking and healthier to walk

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Not near any MRT

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