Food Review: Okada Coffee & Sweets

(located along Joo Chiat Rd, near Smokey's BBQ and Werners Oven)

Small cosy cafe with about 3 x 4 seaters, 1 x 8 seaters and 2 x 3 seaters. Has a lot of side decorations displaying their franchise. Service is alright with the staff welcoming us to the cafe. It's a self service cafe so remember to get your cultery and iced water at the side.

Ice Cappuccino
Price: $6.70

Ice cappuccino was so-so. Coffee smoothness is average and not very strong in flavour. The cream helps with that bit of cinnamon powder to keep the drink smooth. Maybe should try the drip coffee next time. The iced based drinks may not be their speciality.

Coffee Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream
Price: $5.50

The presentation is ok. Taste wise, was hoping that the coffee jelly has a stronger coffee taste. Vanilla ice cream is standard cafe ice cream but it complements alright. All in all for that price, it's not that bad for the size.

Terayaki Chicken Sandwich
Price: $10.70

The dish comes with Japanese potato salad and 2 slices of Okinawa brown sugar pillow cake as sides.
Potato salad is good with mayo and cucumber crunch. The bagel for sandwich is good but the terayaki chicken is mediocre though it is tender but it lacks the terayaki flavour. The sandwich itself is not very saucy but i was expecting it to be at least flavourful which unfortunately, it's rather lacking. Comes with lettuce to balance the burger carbo.
Brown sugar pillow cake is soft and sweet and its homemade. Pretty well-made.

Sweet Potato Fries
Price: $5

Well-fried sweet potato and yam from Japan. Naturally sweet and very cripsy.

Chicken Karage
Price: $5

Batter is thin and cripsy. Standard karage which is tender inside. Not the best but decent enough. Feels a little like supermarket purchase but the tenderness of the pieces suggested otherwise. A little bit on the salty side.

Demiglace Hamburg Ricebowl
Price: $10.70

The bowl comes with the usual onsen egg, seaweed, cucumber and japanese rice. The hamburg steak is done well with good tenderness. However, there is no flavour in demiglace sauce and the mix doesn't help to elevate the taste either. All in all, there isn't much taste as a whole. Not recommended to try.

Katsu Sandwich
Price: $10 (weekend @ $8)

The Katsu sandwich comes with the sandwich and fries. Fries are standard but compliments must be given to the chef for frying things well in the establishment. The sandwich comes with a gingery katsu sauce without too much ginger taste which is a good thing for me. Sauce is not too much but adequate compared to the Teriyaki Chicken sandwich. The katu pork has got a cripsy and thin batter and the cut is thick. It would be good if the meat can be more tender but otherwise, its a pretty good katsu bagel sandwich.
The bagel is good with firm texture and cripsy surface and is very unlike the usual bagel that is sold in western cuisine. When eaten alone, it has a good and light bread smell and taste. Lettuce came with the sandwich helps to balance the sandwich up properly and gives a good satisfying palette of taste.

3V out of 5

Total Price
$50.40 (GST not indicated but seems to be integrated to price tag of items. No svc charge)

153 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427431
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Suggested Carpark
(Parallel carpark lots are available along the cafe but you can also park at nearby public carpark at. Car park lot is a little small for that public carpark so watch out)

Nearest MRT
Eunos MRT

Mercedes Benz A200