Food Review: Shake Shack @ Jewel

(located in Jewel Changi Airport)
Finally we got into the queue and waited for our turn to enter Shake Shack in Singapore! We are really lucky that we didn't had to wait too long either (not too long as in less than 2 hours. Read further)

***Watch out for Changi Jewel Smart Carpark Youtube below:


First off, our experience on the queue and the waiting time. The experience of queuing can never be good especially when you have eaten something before. Before Shake Shack came to Singapore, I have a few rounds of Shake Shack in US already so I will be comparing the Shake Shack standards here in Singapore based on the JFK outlet (since they are both airports)

So in totality we waited for 30 minutes to get into the restaurant for those who wanna skip the lengthy bits.

Basically we arrived exactly at 10am on a Friday which should be theoretically lesser crowd and we are very very wrong on this. The queue was all the way to the end, 3 sections away from the main entrance. In the end we still decided to wait since the restaurant is not opened at that time and we gather we should be roughly the 2nd batch of diners. So more or less correct, wait to the ordering kiosk was about 30 mins, food preparation was about 30 mins as well.

Now to the ambience. Standard fast food ambience with sauce station, seats etc. Comes with 2 levels of space for you to get your seats. One advice, when you are in a group, make sure you ask the others to look out for seats first. Free water (from water dispenser tap) are free for consumption. If you are not buying any drinks, the water will serve as a thirst quencher for sure!

The sauce station consist of only tomato ketchup and mustard sauce. If you are looking for chilli sauce like any Singaporeans, you are out of luck here. Near the sauce station, you can also get the usual straws and cutleries.

Once you are done with your orders at the counter, you will be given a disc tag to notify you when your food is ready.

Cheese Fries
Price: $5.90

Obviously, don't expect this to be out of the world. In fact don't expect Shake Shack burgers to be out of the world in the first place but it's definitely better than your run-the-mill burgers usually. For this cheese fries, it's actually pretty decent, in terms of generosity, it's definitely more than the ones I had in JFK Airport. You can choose your cheese sauce to be on top or at the side. I chose mine on top and it's pretty plentiful.

Shack Stack Burger
Price: $14.30

The burger consist of the following stuff. First are obviously the buns which are firm and yet not too hard. The buns are toasted and yellowish in color. The burger also comes with the usual burger ingredients like beef patty, lettuce, american cheese and mayo which is the shake shack special sauce. In additional for stack burgers, there is an additional portobello mushroom in golden bread crust!

Now the taste. Absolutely good on the beef patty in terms of flavour and the mushroom is a hit-on. Crispy and juicy and full of mushroomy flavour! The whole stack gives you that American burger punch that you find it hard to eat the stack in one bite and yet it makes you utterly messy as well. I would say that this burger compared to the ones I had in JFK is better in terms of freshness. It's probably better in other US outlets but this is not too far off. I would recommend to try this when you are here (hopefully standards don't drop by then).

Smoke Shack Burger
Price: $10.90

Now onto the Smoke Shack burger. Better than the ones I had in JFK as well but lacking a little behind over other US Outlets. The burger consists of what Shack Stack Burger has except it has bacon and doesn't comes with lettuce and portobello mushroom. Perhaps it's the mushroom previously that makes the Shack Stack burger oozing with juices but this one pales in comparison. The patty was still smokey in taste and pretty well cooked but it lacks of juiciness like what a good burger should have. Still it's not a bad burger. Definitely not like usual McD. The patty does have the crisp on surface and the cheese melted nicely.

Shack-cago Dog
Price: $6.50

Never had this in other outlets but not a fan of it either. The dog is topped with cucumbers, genkins, tomatoes, onions, jalepenos and the hotdog itself is halved and top with the dog sauce. Overall nothing special and the dog quality is the usual chicken frank standard. However, I would take this over A&W coney dog anytime in Changi Airport now!

Double Shack Attack
Price: $9.50

Really attack, sugar rush attack! This thing is really very sweet and chocolatey as well and we got a double for this. I would strongly recommend that you go for a single dose if you are not a dessert person. There are cubes of chocolate "cakes" inside which is very "chocolate" in taste and gives a nice touch to the dessert. Nice ice-cream that is not the usual magnolia type of ice-cream which is good but seriously would I pay $9.50 for the next round? Probably not. It's not bad, but it's not great either. Sorta like a check in the box and you should be done.

Overall, I would certainly visit Shake Shack again in Jewel but not if I have to queue 2 hours for it. The price is not exactly cheap and there are pretty good burgers around in Singapore at slightly same or higher price. But if I don't have to queue long like maybe 15 mins, I think it's a good place to go.

3.5V out of 5

78 Airport Blvd, #02-256, Singapore 819666

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No other than Jewel carpark itself. However there is something interesting and very useful to us as drivers. There are distributed directory panels (touch based) around Jewel. If you go into the carpark options on bottom right, you will be presented with the screen above and you can key in the digits of your car plate and touch the human walking sign and it will guide you to your car. In additional, it shows you your car picture as well!


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