Food Review: Tiong Bahru Lor Mee

(located in Tiong Bahru Market, level 2)

Lor Mee
Price: $3/$4/$5 (pictured $3)

The last of the local delicacy in Tiong Bahru Market for the day. This is the much famed lor mee and this stall has been around for a long while. I had this lor mee many years ago and I have not been here for quite a while due to the traffic and parking lots, so naturally I'm quite excited to eat this again as the last round, the lor mee is quite impressive.

To the ingredients first. The usual standard items like fish cake slices, braised meat, ngioh hiong slices are present in the small portion. In fact the portion at $3 is still considered sizeable with the amount of noodles and ingredients within. Some other ingredients within the $3 bowl that you get (which is not present in other stalls typically) are fried fish and fried dumpling.

The taste wise for the "lor" or braised sauce is pretty ok. You can taste the 5 spice powder within the thick sauce. It's still pretty alright considered the fact that they are quite generous in the ingredients and there is still a standard in their braised sauce though they were better in the past quite many years ago.

You can choose your noodles type and put in condiments like vinegar, garlic, sliced chilli, pepper, sambal chilli and coriander on your own.

The doneness of the noodles are right on and cooked to al dente texture.

The braised meat is still good though, comparing it to the past and it's still tender and flavourful. Similarly for the ngioh hiong, flavourful as well. The fried dumpling is done to a good crispiness and the inner fillings are well seasoned.

All in all, it's still a good bowl of lor mee with option to upsize it for foodies with a bigger appetite. You should try it when you are around in the vicinity.

3.5V out of 5

19 Lim Liak St, Singapore 161019 Lim Liak St, Singapore 161019

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Suggested Carpark
Tiong Bahru Food Centre Carpark or surrounding area. However take note that all car parks around are hard to get especially for weekends.

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Tiong Bahru MRT

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