Food Review: Toa Payoh Hokkien Prawn Noodles

(located in famous block 22 Toa Payoh Food Centre)

Hokkien Prawn Noodles (dry/soup)
Price: $3/$4/$5 (pictured $5)

Came here for the famous Hainan Xing Zhou Beef Noodles but it wasn't opened so went around and search for a stall to try. Again wanted to try the Teochew noodles and it wasn't opened as well so went for this prawn noodles stall that had a queue, mainly with older folks (you will probably guess later why).

First, ingredients include the usual yellow noodles, lean sliced pork, halved small prawns, fish cake slices, fried onion and kang kong vegetables. These are the standard old school prawn noodles ingredients by the way.

Now to the taste. I asked for the $5 version with less noodles and chilli. The noodles were still aplenty while there was a big increase in other ingredients.

The noodles with chilli was done via tomato sauce and self made sambal, mixed with fried onion oil. The taste was very traditonal. Nothing out of the world, nothing fancy. Just a bowl of old style prawn noodles. You could taste the mix sauce well and yellow noodles taste, cooked to slightly softer than al dente but still had that springyiness in it. Average taste but if you had the old school prawn noodles in old food centre, you will find this very familiar and heart warming.

Down to the ingredients' taste. The sliced pork was a little dry but expected since it was supposedly to be mixed with sauce and everything so the mix will be drenched with wetness anyway. The prawns were fresh but the intestines were not removed entirely though. No biggie for me.

Soup wise, you could certainly taste the prawn flavour with probably a mix of soya sauce and pork maybe. Overall decent flavour and not much MSG which is good.

So would I come back again to have this? Probably not specially for this unless I miss the old school flavour.

3V out of 5

22 Lor 7 Toa Payoh, #01-36, Singapore 310019

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Suggested Carpark
MSCP besides the food centre near Block 18

Nearest MRT
Toa Payoh MRT (not within walking distance. Need to take feeder bus)

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