Date: 24 July 2019
Time: 630pm
Venue: The Karting Arena

This blog post is released 1 year plus later due to the NDA signed with Borneo Motors. There is no test-driving conducted except viewing of the car in the premises.

Recently I signed up for the Private Launch event of Toyota Supra and was lucky enough to be selected as one of the 30+ participants. First of all, Thanks to Borneo Motors for organising this event that us, as petrolheads or automotive enthusiasts have the 1st hands-on experience on this much awaited legend car from the 90s. It's a pity that we couldn't test drive but we could still have our fun in the car experiencing the interiors and the roar of the engines and most importantly, still able to feel the Gs and handling characteristics as a passenger.

Event Feedback
First on the event proper. Borneo isn't a new brand in Singapore and have a line of offerings under Toyota but I think there are some improvements that they can probably make for this kind of sports car event.

On the location, I was hoping for a bigger space area like Changi Exhibition Hall where mock tracks etc can be setup for test drive and actual experience of what a good sports car can do. But I think the limitation was really due to the certification from LTA was still in progress and hence they are limited to only having simulation games to let potential clients experience the drive virtually.

But kuduz to Borneo, the event's food catering was not bad and I must compliment them on putting budget on this. There are quite a selection of food and they are of pretty decent quality.

Some small details that they can improve on:

  1. The queue tag that was given to each participant was a default tag from Karting Arena. While I understand that this is not a full fledged event, but small details like this with Toyota or even Supra branding will make the participants feel more exhilarating as part of a heritage Japanese Sports Car launch

  2. There could be a dedicated photo taking booth where participants can participate or sign up for photo taking instead of searching for photographer to take a picture.

  3. The event area is a bit old and the marketing brochures or even banners are not enough to make it feel like an exclusive event. If one has been to another automotive event like Porsche, Audi or even Jaguar's event, it's not hard to feel that those brands put in more effort to do this up. While I understand the limitations, I think it should be upgraded still with the marketing stuff as the targeted pricing range for Supra is very close to the sportd car from those brands.

  4. Free door gift can be enhanced especially on the bottles given. While I understand the bottles are Toyota branded, it does not excite the participants and probably will stay in a stored cabinet at home. With Supra logo'ed, it will have better millege for marketing. Fortunately the cap given was Supra branded and it's certainly nice for Insta promoting.

Supra 2.0l

Track Test

Door Gifts