Food Review: 富记云吞面 (Wanton Noodles)

(located along Jalan Besar Road, near Scissors Cut curry rice @ Kitchener Road)

Wanton Noodles
Price: $3/$4 (pictured $3)

The famous Da Jie Wanton Noodles used to be operating at this exact location some months ago and it had been one of my go-to for wanton noodles other than Kok Kee and Dunman ones. However Da Jie (Linda) decided to have an early retirement so I can't taste her noodles anymore.

Recently I heard that Linda had visited this stall before and gave them some pointers though 富记 is not under direct apprenticeship of Linda, but I was hopeful that they can at least bring some good wanton noodles to the community.

To the ingredients first. The usual ingredients of wanton noodles like char siew, vegetables can be found here. However you can expect extra fried wanton as well as the usual wantons (2 pcs) in the bowl of soup provided.

For the taste, the wanton noodles was of a hybrid approach. While it was aligning to Malaysian style of dark soya sauce based kind of noodles, but it was not that dark and did not have the distinct Malaysian wanton noodles sauce taste. The noodles were springy and a good bite but the overall flavour seem to be lacking somehow. While it is better than the usual food court wanton noodles, but it doesn't rank high in my charts.

The char siew was of old school style except it's not as dry. The old school char siew was dry because the sauce that accompanied the noodles were usually oily and aplenty, so the mix will compensate. For 富记, the sauce was not that much so the char siew was a little dry for my liking.

The soup's taste was so so. The wanton had got good springy meat texture and a little more towards the salty side. Flavour wise was so so as well.

The sambal chilli had a pretty good spicy kick, a little sweet but spice level was higher than average. But unfortunately I think it came from factory so not too impressed on that.

Chicken Feet
Price: $3/$4/$5 (pictured $4)

The chicken feet was probably the dish that I enjoyed more in the whole visit. The chicken feet sauce was pretty flavourful with strong mushroomy, chicken collogen and dark soya taste. The mushrooms were very well cooked and flavourful at the same time. The chicken feet was scullent and flavourful but I was kind of hoping that the skin was a little softer. I could still feel the fried skin of the feet in general in a harder way.

Dry Wanton
Price: $2/$3/$4 (pictured $2)

Highly not recommended to try. The dish was flat in flavour although it seem to have a flavourful coloir. The sauce was made with sesame oil sauce and light soya sauce. Nothing to shout about. The wanton was same taste as per the ones in the soup as expected.

In summary I don't think I will be coming back soon but I may come back for the chicken feet if I have craving and I'm in the vicinity.

3V out of 5


209 Jln Besar, Singapore 208895

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Along Jalan Besar Road side carpark if not, park at City Square mall and walk over

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Farrer Park MRT

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