Food Review: Zheng Yi Hainanese Beef Noodles

(Located near The Venue Residences, Lao Zhong Zhong Eating House, River South Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles)

Typical kopithiam experience. The auntie serving/cooking the noodles is very friendly. Thumbs up for that!

Beef Noodles Dry (Standard bowl)
Price: $7

First, let's talk about the bowl of dry noodles. In Singapore, Hainanese beef noodles when ordered dry comes with thick rice noodles with a braised thick sauce. This is not similar to Lor Mee but rather, the sauce are usually cooked with spices (different spice from Lor Mee) and beef essence/soup. Every shop taste different, some real flavourful and some are just simple dark soy sauce with some spices flavour. Usually they are decorated with coriander leaves but in Zheng Yi, they come with extra condiments like crushed peanuts (adds a good fragant taste and crunch to the sauce) and salted vegetables.

The soup version is based on soup, with the noodles pre-boiled and placed into the soup with the meats and all. There is no special sauce added.

I have ordered both beef slices only dry noodles as well as the mixed innards version since I get the best of both worlds from the meat and from the sauce and soup.

The beef slices noodles are very good in taste (on the sauce), similarly so for the beef slices mixed in the dish. The beef slices are about medium done-ness and it's not tough at all. The sauce is strong in beef flavour as well as minor spices that do not overrun the main beef flavour which is key to a good bowl of dry beef noodles in my opinion. For the mixed innards version, it comes with various innards ranging from stomach, intestines, tendons. No odd smell for the innards shows how well the parts are cleansed and it adds additional flavour and texture to the good bowl of noodles.

The chilli in Zheng Yi is very good for now. Does't come with just the raw grinded chilli taste but it's mixed with chilli, garlic, lime etc and it's rather thick as well. Usually for other versions of beef noodles, there is another condiment sauce made up of fermented small fishes that's pinkish in colour. For Zheng Yi, they don't serve that but the chilli and noodles do not require that to enhance the taste at all.

For the soup, usually there are 2 versions. One is the real beefy flavoured soup that gives you that satisfying palette of taste (if cooked well) and the other is the spice-enhanced version which usually taste a little sour.
For Zheng Yi, it's the latter. While I'm not a fan of the 2nd version (I prefer the beefy ones), the soup is much better than the usual food court beef noodles for sure and it's worthwhile to get the soup noodle version if you like that kind of soup flavour.

All in all, highly recommended Hainanese Beef Noodles that I suggest that you should try. Take note of their operating hours. You can get their operating hours in Google.

4.5V out of 5

Total Price
$7 per serving

2 Tai Thong Cres, Singapore 347838
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Suggested Carpark
Along Tai Thong Crescent but there are additional streetside parking along Pheng Geck Avenue. (Parking was considered a breeze in street side lot as it's standard parallel parking size which is good)

Nearest MRT
Potong Pasir MRT

Mercedes Benz A200